Facts About the Former Recall

This recall was abandoned in June 2019 due to a lack of funding for the recall ballot. We still believe Marine Glickman Curtis should step down from her position especially since none of her children or step-children go to school in the district and are going to private and out of district schools. We still believe she sits on the board not because she cares about the district but because she cares about her political career. We also believe she is unfit to be holding the current school board position for all of the below reasons which are still true to our knowledge.

Facts About the Former Recall of Marnie Glickman Curtis, Dixie School Board Trustee:

Reasons for the former recall:

  1. Marnie has put her own political desire and beliefs in front of our kids, quality education, and her fiscal duty to the district.
  2. Marnie Glickman Curtis (aka . Marnie Rose Curtis) was willing to spend between $50-$140,000 of the district’s money on an unnecessary election at time when the reserves were at an all time low and the governor was cutting funding. The other board members voted against the spend as it was not in the best interest of the children.
  3. Marnie was deceptive when she ran in 2015. She stated the name change would take away from the focus on education and the kids. Therefore, she would not pursue it without respectful dialogue. She also did not disclose her child went to private school.
  4. We strongly suspect that Marnie has leaked confidential e-mails to the press that were intended only for the superintendent and board to see.
  5. Marnie Glickman retained the services of an attorney to threaten litigation against her fellow board members, which caused thousands of dollars in legal fees for the district. She could have come to them without an attorney to discuss her concerns.
  6. Marnie’s antics have required an attorney to be present at all closed and open session portions of the board meetings, an unprecedented action.  The lawyer now has a permanent seat at the table. This is an extremely costly endeavor.
  7. Marnie has shown she is incapable of working with her fellow board members unless it best suits her. She has made no attempts to collaborate in a solution that would work for all and marches to the beat of her own drum. We need a team player on our board. One that can be trusted.
  8. Marnie has repeatedly gone to the press to give interviews as a “representative” of the school district and has brought unnecessary turmoil to our community through these interviews. She repeatedly says very inflammatory and negative things about the district. Her actions have been detrimental to our school district. While she has a 1st amendment right to speak out as an individual, she should not be speaking out on behalf of the district.
  9. Marnie has been a self admitted leader of a group that used threat tactics against the school district and caused our district to spend almost $75,000 in legal fees to date. She never had our district’s fiscal needs in front of her desire to push her political agenda forward.
  10. Marnie Glickman Curtis’s political activist husband David Curtis has terrorized community members and neighbors that oppose her calling them Hitler, White Supremacists, Hillbillies, KKK members, thief’s, and other ridiculous false accusations of upstanding community members. He has shown up on local women’s doorsteps when their husbands are gone threatening them, made statements that show he was stalking neighbors, made false reports to the police, and and has written nasty letters to the Marin County superintendent about Alissa Chacko, fellow Board Trustee and has posted derogatory things on social media about her other fellow board members. She has never apologized to the community members harmed by these false accusations or to her fellow board members for the horrific things he has posted. If she was a true leader in our community, she would take action and apologize, otherwise she is complicit.

If you would like to read what others in the community have found out about her and her husband please visit these 2 web pages:

https://wearedixie.org/marnie-glickman-should-resign-or-recall/ https://wearedixie.org/they-did-what/


#2 This Recall Will NOT Cost the District “One Penny”.

  • Private fundraising will  support the costs.  
  • If we do NOT raise the funds needed we will NOT proceed.
  • We need both signatures and money for this to be placed on the ballot in November.


#3 Who Is Really Behind the Recall? 

  • A group of parents who care about the community, our values, and our future.
  • We continue to gain support throughout the entire community.
  • We are hardworking families doing what we feel is best for our community.

Click here to register to receive more information and to learn about upcoming events.

#4 Did you know Marnie Glickman Curtis (aka . Marnie Rose Curtis) chose an exclusive private school for her own child rather than send her to the Dixie School District and her daughter has never gone to public school to this day?

  • She neglected to share this information with the public when she was running for office.

#5  You Must Sign a Physical Petition In Order to Have Your Name Officially Counted. 

  • Even if you sign up on this website, you still must sign an official petition for the recall.

Below are pages from the California School Board booklet on what an effective school board member should be where we highlight where Marnie has failed in her duties: