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2015 – Running for Board of Trustee

When confronted by former Dixie School Board member David Green  in an e-mail exchange when running in 2015 Marnie Glickman told him that not only was a name change not her priority and that it took away from what was important in the district but she also knocked on over 1000 doors and only one person wanted a name change!?

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“I support public discussion” on the issue. Glickman said. “Discussion must be respectful and help the community grow. What’s most important is helping our children learn”.


Ms.Glickman was the ONLY board member who did not want the community to be surveyed by adding an advisory vote on the 2020 ballot and appeared to go back on her promises from when she campaigned in 2015.



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Ms. Glickman was the ONLY board member to vote No on SB415, which was the Resolution to Consolidate Elections with Even-Numbered Years potentially saving the district tens of thousands of dollars in election costs. and instead said “Democracy costs money”

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Glickman only Dissenter to Include Community in an Advisory Vote

November 13, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes


Marnie Glickman Curtis has made working cohesively with her fellow Dixie School District board members very difficult and created a divide when she had her attorney write a letter to the district regarding a possible Brown Act violation when she knew the district would incur legal fees to respond to it. It could have been possible for her to express her concern directly to the board without retaining the services of an attorney.