Sign Up For Recall

If you want to sign the petition, please fill out the below form so we can communicate the next steps. Your information is confidential when you fill in this form and will not be placed on a public list.

        a) Physical Signature is required on an Official Petition Form to count
        b) Your Signature is confidential – Government Code § 6253.5, Elections Code § 11301
        c) Please contribute to the costs of the recall by clicking the box below. Dixie School District will not pay for this recall.

**Thank you for your support and for submitting your information below. However, rememberfor your vote to count, your physical signature is required on an official petition form. Please email us if you have not had a chance to sign a petition and we will make every effort to make arrangements to collect your signature!**

Let’s help our Board get back to work!!

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